Survey Says…..

A thing happened in my city this weekend.
I was not involved.
I remained in my home away from people.
All people.
My only contact with the outside world was via texting with friends and mom.
T was here-he was my in person contact.
I am not overreacting.
I am following a health order put in place by my gov’t to help curtail the massive explosion of Covid cases we are experiencing.
I am not going to rant.
I am not going to rave.
I am bloody embarrassed.😔😔😔
I am a little peeved only instead of telling you now why you must read on.
We have become a meme.
And not the good type of meme.
We have made the news.
We have made the headlines.
Not in the good way.
Saturday an Anti-Mask rally was held in Steinbach.
It began quietly enough but by Friday it was a three ring circus about to explode.🎩🎩🎩🎩
Mockery was being made.
Eyes were being rolled.👀👀
City said no one has spoken with them.
No parade permit was filed for.
Saturday a lot more people show up than I think was expected.
No counter protests.
A few drive bys but they moved along.
Yet when tickets began to be handed out people began to curse at/yell at the officers doing their work.
It has been alleged that someone even backed into one of the conservation officers handing out tickets.
Every and all government enforcement agencies have been called in to help as there are not enough officers to go around.
We are currently in a critical zone.
All of Manitoba.
In my little corner of the world we are on fire.🔥🔥🔥
Our hospital is overrun.
There is consideration that if this is not brought under control our arena may have to be converted.
Individuals are waiting in their vehicles to be triaged/info taken because we have no room inside the hospital.
Our Front Liners are burning out.
On their feet for 11-12 hours.
Barely time to eat.
There is a Public Health Order in Effect.
Avoid going out unnecessarily.
When shopping only one family member from the household should go shopping.
It limits the size of groups meeting both indoors and out.
No more than 5 people.
On Saturday crowd size varies from 100 to a few 100 to over 500.
Depends on who you are.
Depends on what you read.
What is true is there were over 5 people.
Many of whom were not masked nor were they practicing social distancing.
Fast forward to Sunday.
Backlash begins to makes its rounds.
Called out by the Premier.
Called out by the top Doc.
Called out by everyone.
Fines to be mailed out.
Yes that too is part of the Public Health Order.
Individuals found to be in breach can be fined $1296.
That right there is a whole lot of money for a whole lot of…..
I will be nice because everyone has a right to protest.
Everyone has a right to live their lives the way that they want to.
Everyone can do whatever they want.
Within the guidelines not only of what is laid out by law but by how one’s moral compass swings.
Not everyone is able to wear a mask.
Due to medical reasons.
Which is none of our business.
What is our business is our awareness that there are those who have a condition that requires them to forfeit the protection masks afford the rest of us.
By choosing to ignore this fact/rant that your freedoms and rights are being taken/striped away…..
Tells me a lot about the person you are.
Next up disavowal of rally.
Was not anyone from the city involved.
All out of towners coming here to stir up trouble.
Not the heart of our community.
Not the reality of our city.
But it is.
There are people who feel this way right here in the midst of our city.
You cannot go from being quiet and passive to aggressively stating that no one from here was involved in any way.
Suck it up.
I am.
It sucks.
Being the latest meme.
The one that says look at these idiots.
Who allowed them out on the playground?
But I am not blind.
There are pictures.
And I am not stupid.
I mean really do you think we are stupid????🤣🤣
I took and still do take offense to the point of fingers.
To the scapegoating.
Who cares where these people came from?
Come they did.
Protest they did.
Not really peacefully but they were here.
If there had really been a problem with them putting it on it would have been broken up immediately.
By Public Health Order.
But it was allowed to continue.
As was their right.
I think that the only reason that there is now a push is that we are front and center in the mockery ring and some are feeling the scorch of flames at their feet.
Have a terrific Tuesday all.
It is going to be another slow day at work I am hoping as customers continue for the most part to continue the public health orders.
But that is okay there is always something for me to do.
©Nov. 17/20
Meme was forwarded to me by a friend.

Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

A single hard working mom of a soon to be teenage son. A poet and story teller I have wanted to write since I was a child. This space is where I share stories about myself and my life and the creative poetry that stirs my soul. My hope is you will pull up a chair and a cup of coffee delving into the world that I offer and you find simple enjoyment for a few moments. Welcome to The Wonderful & Wacky World of One Single Mom

12 thoughts on “Survey Says…..”

  1. These people… I have no words Jay, they will be the death of a nation if they aren’t very careful!
    What scares me most about this Covid pandemic is the fact that idiots like this hold our good health in their hands! We are usually able to keep ourselves well and safe and healthy, but right now, everyone’s good health depends on everyone else doing the right thing too and being responsible. What you just described about your city is not the right thing. Its a recipe for disaster on a monumental scale.
    I fear for us lil Sis, it feels a lot like we are in the minority right now. 😦 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If you can’t wear a mask wear a face shield. There are alternatives.
    This is an airborne virus – fact
    Face masks prevent spread from us and inhalation of particles from others.
    I thought Canada was better than its
    Neighbors to the south.
    I live in Wisconsin where the governor did the right thing in the absence of national mandates and had us stay at home if possible. Then the opposition party got the state Supreme Court to rule his order violated procedure and individual rights. So our state is now at a transmission rate leading the pack.
    My partner is an ER Doc and she says almost every case is Covid positive. We too have no beds. It is insanity.
    We watched the movie “The Day After” old 1990s era movie about a climate disaster from polar ice melt (sound familiar). Key point scientists weren’t listened then when something could have been done just like now.
    People are dying. In America our death toll is over 250,000 the population of a good sized city. In Wisconsin the statistics are that 1 out of 3 people are infected.
    My house believes this may be the globe doing a reset. Population is getting unsustainable so the organism that is called Earth/Gaia finds a way to stop the pain.
    Please everyone be cautious.
    Listen to the scientists
    Listen to the Doctors with substantive research facts. In this case statistics do not lie.


  3. I keep wondering if the fines on those who don’t want to do their bit could be directed to the health service who are working their socks off caring for people.
    Or distributed as some kind of compensation to the bereaved families who have lost loved ones.

    Is there way to make clear to those who don’t want to make a difference what the cost of their decision is?

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  4. Crazy….and scary….times. Stay safe. Come Friday my world will become very small……it becomes an offence to leave my County unless for essential work (or essential supplies tbat cannot be obtained locally) that can’t be done at home…..I can easily walk around my County during daylight hours – even in mid Winter

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I go to work. Home. I am ordering all gifts on line for Christmas. The province is playing with the idea of extending school holiday in winter to 4 weeks. Knowing that people will get together over the holidays they think there may be a spike. I stay as safe as I can. Please stay safe yourself. I am glad to see you reappear by the way. 🤓


      1. The Scottish Government here are looking at the possibility of having a 48 hour relaxation of restrictions on 25/26th December to enable a more “normal family Christmas” to happen…….time will tell if the latest restrictions get the R number low enough for it to happen or not 🤞. I’m working from home still with occasional health & safety visits to sites so avoiding folk as much as possible…..thankfully my sons company keeps me sane. Thanks, have been a bit busy of late.

        Liked by 1 person

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