I was Right!

Had a chuckle this morning.
Yesterday I told T that he would be going to bed at 10 p.m.
No arguments.
I woke up about 10:30 and he was snoring. 😴😴😴
This morning I went in to wake him up at 6 a.m.
Time to have a shower.
T: Mom I am so comfy. I had a great sleep.
Me: So maybe I might know something? About you and sleep?
T: Yes you were right.
Me: Pardon me?
T: You were right mom.
Me: I’m sorry what are you saying? That I was right?
T: Now you’re pushing it mom.
He rolled over and snoozed.
I messaged him on break and he had logged into class.
And today is report card day.
With the exception of social studies my son is a solid B student.
Who does not get his assignments done.
Struggles to organize his time.
If he were to even give half the effort he would be A’s.
T is brilliant.
In a mad take over the world kind of way.
I always did want to be a Queen. 👸👸👸
Am thinking that some of what I said to T penetrated.
Last night when he got home he came into my room and laid on the floor.
To chat with me.
And this morning he was not surly and rude.
A mom can always hope.
©Dec. 4/20
Picture is my own
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