Entitlement:  the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
Given that I am not a citizen of the US I have really worked hard to not put my two cents worth in.
However since the home grown terrorist attack on the Capital Building…..a building that stands for all the the US touts itself as believing in…..
Right to Freedom of Speech.
The Place of the People…..
It is harder to keep my lips sealed.
Let me paint a picture of gleeful white men dancing through a centuries old building sure that this is their right.
This was their house to do with as they saw fit.
Terror was theirs to reign down.
A sense of power that they could bring down the wishes of millions to satisfy one despotic insane man.
Were we going to see a hostage situation with zip ties?
Were we going to see executions if their wishes were not met?
These men laughed and smiled.
Videos were taken.
Videos were posted to social media.
They attacked.
They maimed.
They killed.
And now reality catches up.
You cannot perpetrate an attack of terrorism and whine and cry when you are charged.
You cannot think that the world will sit by while you destroy democracy.
You cannot think that your neighbors/places of employment/family are not going to have something to say.
You may find that they are in fact turning you in.
Now they sit bitter because hey bullshit actions have real consequences something my 12 year old son could have told them.
To the man who was refusing to eat because the food was not organic.
Dude grow the fuck up.
You put yourself out there as the face of this bullshit.
You were front and center.
In my opinion the judge should have said eat what everyone else eats.
Entitlement right there and it is right in front of us.
You don’t want to eat.
You are not going to die.
People do it all the time.
You do not deserve special treatment.
To the man who said he did not steal the envelope he left a quarter for it.
You stole it sir.
You did not have a right to it.
You did not have a right to sit at that desk and put your feet up on it.
You Sir did not have a right to be in that office/in that building at all.
To the ex-Navy Seal who is crying for clemency.
That he is not a terrorist.
Dude there was video on your social media of you talking about entering the building and in fact entering it yourself.
How windows and doors had to be kicked in.
How ‘we were in’.
Now those videos have been deleted.
He was paid a visit by the FBI.
Now swears he was not there to take part but to watch.
Too little too late.
I could go on and on and on.
Every single one of these people believe that they were entitled to behaving like jackasses on the world stage because they were right.
That they alone had the power to decide what it was that was needed to run the country.
That they could actually get away with acting badly like spoiled little children throwing temper tantrums replete with throwing oneself on the floor and kicking feet slamming arms and screaming to get their way.
You know how one deals with a screaming misbehaving toddler…..put them into their room for a timeout.
You know how one deals with screaming terrorists out for blood…..put them into a jail cell for a timeout.
Only this time out is years not hours.
For four years DT has incited sedition and torn the US apart.
From race relations that he has managed to set back decades.
From turning on allies and alining himself with other despotic rulers.
I never in a million years thought that I would sit and watch grown men act as children.
I never in a million years thought that I would sit and watch as a building is swarmed/windows broken/doors kicked in by people who could be my neighbors.
I never in a million years thought that I would sit and watch worrying about the lives of my friends who live in the states for their political ideals.
Never in a million years.
Entitled: No one is deserving of anything based on their color or status.
They must work for it as do the rest of the world.
Just because you cry and whine and pretend that a fact is not a fact only makes you look an ass and beyond stupid.
I am surprised that they still allow you sharp objects.
Like small children needing to be taken to hand that is what these men need to have done.
And hell if their moms don’t want to tell them what a disgrace bumbling stupid asinine jackass they have been I will do it for the cost of a plane ticket and a box of masks.
©Jan. 14/21
Picture via Pinterest

Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

A single hard working mom of a soon to be teenage son. A poet and story teller I have wanted to write since I was a child. This space is where I share stories about myself and my life and the creative poetry that stirs my soul. My hope is you will pull up a chair and a cup of coffee delving into the world that I offer and you find simple enjoyment for a few moments. Welcome to The Wonderful & Wacky World of One Single Mom

42 thoughts on “Entitlement”

    1. Thank you. The icing on the cake was the article I read about the ex-seal. And it quoted him crying for clemency because he was not a terrorist. I could not any more. All these people who went to ‘peaceful’ protest and got swept up how stupid do they think the world is? All I can say is that as nasty as it is I am enjoying watching and reading about the fallout. 🤣🤣😁😁

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      1. I know what you mean. I’ve seen several of them outraged at the idea that attacking Congress with the blatant aim of murdering people might lead to prosecutions. How stupid are these people?

        As for the ex-seal, anyone who engages in a terrorist attack is a terrorist. That’s how it works.

        And now they have impeached Trump again. I hope they convict him this time.

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  1. So , you saw what you wanted to see. You saw the images shown to you. That was enough to validate to validate your prejudice against those ” entitled” white people. There isn’t a bigot alive who doesn’t have a list of valid “reasons” to validate their bigotry. Welcome to the club!

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    1. Dude take your arguments elsewhere please. These are my opinions which guess what I am entitled to because they are my opinion. I would greatly appreciate you not commenting further on this post to either my comment or to the other blogger. Thank you very much. And again thank you for reading.


              1. I have plenty of humanity. There is a saying in the rooms of AA. “If you can spot it, you’ve got it.” Kind of underscores the circular quality of this whole debacle.We are all flawed, irrespective of political orientation.. That is my point. The people who breached the Capitol are atypical of the 74 million Trump supporters, just as the ANTIFA rioters of Portland are atypical of any Biden supporters I know. That is all I’m saying.


    1. Do you want to dispense with due process for them, like a trial by jury where evidence is oresrnted? You might want to elaborate on those sweeping condemnations. Otherwise, we might infer that you consider yourself “entitled” to make such pronouncements.

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        1. More of the same. He is not my Messiah. I know he lost. I’m not interested in debating, either. I guess when you dismiss me as being of some sort of “type” I’m inferring that you really are incapable of intelligent debate, emphasis on “intelligent”.

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          1. Nice try, but has nothing to do with intelligence. I stopped taking the bait from you fools long ago. I’m done with all of you. There’s no point in debating you people. Somehow, somewhere along the line, it was ingrained in your heads that if it isn’t the republican way, then it’s wrong/immoral/unpatriotic. Who the duck made you judge and jury. Again, fuck off. All of you.

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            1. Time for me to go back to a reading a book, without any pictures. If it has nothing to do with intelligence, you have certainly proved the point. But you answered me, so who is the fool? Seriously, take complex issues, like the course of American politics, government , and public policy in the last 90 years, and debate IS useless. Both sides have talking points they regurgitate, and problems keep getting worse, poverty, addiction, ill-advised military forays, just for starters.
              What works? What doesn’t? Riots, for sure, don’t work. No matter where or who starts them, for whatever reason. I think we can agree on that.

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              1. Yes, we can agree on that. Sadly, it appears that is the only thing. Books without pictures? Pretty funny. You’re quite a guy. The world is a better place because of intellectually superior people such as yourself. Thank you so much for setting me straight, and really putting me in my place. Much appreciated, honestly. Oh, by the way, and, yet again, fuck off.

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                1. ‘It pays to increase your word power” was an ongoing series ing the old Readers Digest. Instead of “fuck off”, try “sod off”. Means the same, but it’s what the Brits say.

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      1. These are my opinions and no I do not think that justice should be served any way save for through the courts. And nothing I wrote about has not been in the news. Thank you for commenting and reading.


        1. I didn’t say your observations weren’t in the news. You saw the actions of a very few people, and you were justifiably, repulsed and offended. Just don’t think Trump supporters are characteristic of the thugs who ran amok on Capitol Hill. What exacerbates the problem is lumping 74 million people into the same basket as those few. I’m assuming you have the intellectual curiosity , intelligence, and candor, to explore the questions raised by people who do not represent American political orthodoxy, both Republican and Democratic. It’s a mess out there, and it’s festered too damn long.

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    1. I am not responding to him any longer. My page. My opinions. And while I am more then willing to have discourse I am not willing to have someone try to needle everyone to respond. And I will not tolerate being called a bigot or being asked if I am afraid of him. I do not have time for people like him. I really do hope they can get this worked out satisfactorily for all involved


      1. There is a general courtesy that most people hold to when interacting with complete strangers. That basic diplomacy was flouted to say the least and what I read seemed more threatening in nature than anything I have seen on WordPress. Mel told me to make sure I manually approve comments on my site to feel safer.

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      1. I have more random general opinions I guess.
        I may not understand everything, but I feel that Trump may have waded into some hot water. This comment is not supposed to be pro or anti Trump. It is just an observation.

        To me democracy always runs the risk of being a popularity contest and has the danger of the most charismatic, charming or the one who puts the most effort into courting the crowds who might win. Although there are some voters who are genuinely much more interested in the specific policies a candidate may have.

        I see the US (and other countries) divided by issues prior to Donal Trump ever running for power. Gun laws and immigration policies have cause strong opinions on both sides for a long time.

        I will say this and I hope it does not cause people offence – I think that Trump is much more interested in golf than he is in guns. But he has courted the favour of gun loving Americans. I understand that some people feel strongly about guns. But there are others who have gone beyond strong feelings and are willing to start a physical war over this issue. Or they may not feel they are starting the war, they seem to be expecting the new government to come down hard over the issue of guns and they are prepared to defend the what they perceive as the constitutional right for them to bear arms with force. That is frightening talk. It is frightening to anyone who hates violence and the damage that guns can cause.

        I sometimes feel that Trump is riding a raging bull that would stamp all over him if should he oppose their beliefs. If he has any sense, he will be more concerned with what the majority of Republicans think of him rather than an extreme minority. If the majority of his supporters start to think he is sparking violent feuds, his support base may get nervous. I think the majority of Republican voters would have voted for Trump because of the policies they feel keep them safer and more secure. Others voted for Biden because they feel he is talking the language they want to hear. That is what democracy is about. But it is when it goes beyond that, when extreme views or talk of violence bubble away that it gets scary.

        In conclusion I guess I will say this – I think respect for political authority generally is perhaps at it’s lowest ever. Not just in the US. In other lands, there is more questioning of authority than ever before. I also think the distrust in the media has become more and more significant.

        This is where I hold my hands up and admit that I have been sceptical of politicians for as long as I can remember. They make promises they break promises. I have always been wary of the media after seeing the spin different channels put on a story depending on their political leanings.

        What is frightening is to see how far some go in expressing their distrust of media sources, election results, and the lack of respect for authority. I am scared because of the huge hit to the economy. In times of hardship, political issues can become fuses that can blow up.

        I do not understand much and Ben and I are here in the UK right now so we mainly see the BBC coverage, which I think is more careful than some media outlets not to take sides. But sometimes you notice the broadcaster raising their eyebrow or shrugging their shoulders with that “WTH is going on?” kinda expression!

        I truly think 2021 may turn out to be just as bizarre as 2021 was. In some ways, I think staying at home might turn out to be the safest place to be!!! Glad 2020 prepared us for that!

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  2. Troll. I read your blog and since I disagree and take exception to being stigmatized, I am a troll? I’ve had my Word Press blog up for 5+ years. I write and think because it’s in my blood. And when insults start flying directed at the millions plus Trump supporters, who are people of good will, I get a little hot.
    I will be 70 in a week. I’ve had a hard damn life and I won’t stand for being defamed as “entitled” by anyone.
    So I am sorry if you thought I was trolling. I was trying to engage with what you wrote.

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