I am no longer the Dishwasher

Still no lap top.
Am guessing that I am going to have to take it in and have windows reinstalled.
Hopefully that is all that I am going to have to do. 
Anything else is going to have to wait for a bit.
At least until income tax return comes in.
Was looking at my T4 yesterday.
For those elsewhere a T4 contains all my tax information.
How much I made.
How much I paid in taxes.
Needless to say I pay a pretty penny in tax and nearly had a heart attack when I saw what I paid over the year.
I could have put down half the cost on a new vehicle. 
I could have found myself a decent used vehicle and still had money left over.
Years ago I got nailed hard at income tax time.
Actually two years in a row I got hit.
Since then I have been paying about 19.5% per pay which equals into money back at the end of the year.
Why do I do it this way?
Overpaying taxes?
Yes I could easily leave that money and have it in my pocket all year long.
And spent.
When I get my income tax back it becomes a buffer if you will.
Building up my bank account.
And this year I am going to hopefully see even more savings with the fact I am no longer drinking.
My main expense this year is a new couch.
I need one very badly.
Am not sure what I am going to get given that with Covid shopping takes on a new look.
And I would like to know how it feels.
The ones I have seen on line look stiff and uncomfortable.
And I need one that is going to fit both myself and the growing beast.
He already takes up two whole cushions and is beginning to encroach on my cushion.
This passed weekend while at his dad’s a picture of him and his friend was taken.
My child looks like a giant.
He is huge compared to his friend.
Yes he is a solid boy and tall but this is…..
He is huge.
Am looking forward to the end of the day.
This week is a short week given that Monday was a holiday.
Family Day.
Or Louis Riel Day as it is known here in Manitoba.
I have been working since Friday.
As I am full time I have to work my 40 hours a week as it affects my insurance as well.
Sunday we are open for 6 hours thus I must make up 2 extra hours. 
In the past week I have skipped three lunches and two fifteen minute coffee breaks.
The Arctic cold air mass that has settled over us is appearing to move on.
So the weather station has informed us.
Received an alert that the cold weather warning had been lifted.
This morning received an alert that we are going to be seeing cold temperatures in the next 24 hours.
But I live in Manitoba and I have always said that we are a different breed unto ourselves.
And that includes the contradictory weather forecasts.
I have been informed loudly and in no uncertain terms that I am a horrible cat mommy.
I did not realize that T told me he was feeding the cats the last tin of food.
I thought he said there was one tine left. 
Thank goodness the ex text and said he was stopping for some groceries did I need anything.
He messaged me two minutes out.
I put on my jacket.
Pressed face to window and waited.
As he was driving up I went up the stairs and outside.
As he dug into his pocket for the cat food I started to laugh:
Him: What?
Me: Drive-by Cat Food Buy 
Is it just me?
I thought that was hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The picture at the top is of my new used apartment dishwasher.
After 30+ years of being the one and only dishwasher I now have one to do it.
The cats are for added amusement.
©Feb. 17/21
Picture is my own
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