I Cannot Change her Name

Yesterday I was beyond frustrated.
The second slot in my phone case for cards is not usable.
Two of my cards got stuck in there and I was stood in the smoke shop trying to dig them out.k
One is of no importance the other is my insurance card.
Turning to one of my co-workers who is tiny and by tiny I mean she is 4’9-4’11.
I feel like a giant next to her.
She cannot
Me: Hey you have tiny fingers maybe you can help me get these out?
Mumble mumble mumble
Me slightly confused turn to look at my phone.
Google Assistant: I do not have tiny fingers but I am able to assist in a variety of other ways.
OMG seriously???
A while ago I received an email from Spotify that in conjunction with Google was giving me a Mini Nest.
Google’s answer to Alexa I guess.
Setting it up and getting use to it is going to take me a bit.
I talk to the speaker and my phone answers.
Took me some and I mean I will play around some more but I really only will use for music.
I do not have a compatible smart tv or lights.
And really all I need is music.
Finally get it all set up and have the music playing when I decide for laughs to have a conversation with my Google Assistant.
Me: What do people call you?
GA: Google Assistant
Me: I want to call you something else.
GA: I cannot change my name.
Me: Do you have a nickname?
GA: Hey Google.
Me: I don’t like that. I want to call you something else.
GA: I cannot change my name.
Then I decided to ask a few more questions lol
T & Mom interaction for the day.
He is turning into a snarky snarly teenager.
Only coming out of his room when he wants something or for food.
He told me I drink to much coffee.
I told him he drank too much pop.
He agreed the little stinker and asked me to not buy any more.
He was talking to me and texting his dad when he starts to laugh.
Me: What?
T: I was going to answer you okay but instead of it coming out of my mouth (and here he does a pure me movement of showing the word leave his lips)
I typed it out to dad.
Me (laughing): Oh I am so sorry Buddy that is my bad. I do that all the time. I think that I have said the words out loud but that is as far as they got.
To the thought section of the conversation.
T: Arg I hit the Promise button instead of typing.
Me: You don’t really wash your hands you just stand there and watch them wash one another.
T: What?
Me: repeats above
T: What are you saying mom?
So I showed him this.
T: Oh my god mom…..Oh my god
As he is sat watching his hands pretend to wash one another.
Will never ever be able to unthink that.
Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone.
©March 12/21
Pictures are my own and via Pinterest

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