I Did A Thing

Tuesday evening after work I had a Zoom Parent Teacher meeting.
First I am not the best with that type of tech and I kept turning mute on. Once I figured out how to unmute I realized I could not hear as the speakers were turned down but when I tried to turn up speaker I muted self again. Decided to leave the volume where it was so that I would not miss anything.
As expected T is doing what he needs to do and nothing more. I am hoping that with him going back to school full time on the 5th of April will make him more inclined to work a little harder. He can do it he is choosing to do the bare minimum which I am not overly impressed about.
The discussion than turned to Maths. And how T struggles with the ‘New’ math. What I call the torture chamber of hell where you have to write out the steps of math. Now all I know is that someone out there must have been afraid of losing their job which is how this bullshit came about. What was wrong with the old way? Nothing. It was and is like anything else repetition and memorization. Now T is struggling because he does know how to get to the answer he does not write it down the way they want him to so he is not getting the grade.
Me: I am going to be honest with you. As long as T gets 50-55% in Maths I am happy with that. I know he can do the work. I know that he understand. I am not going to push him to do Maths the new way when I do not understand it.
All his teacher could do was nod. What are you going to say to me? No I have to push him harder? That I have to force him to write this shit out when I myself do not believe in it? That absolutely will not be happening.
I know that T can do the Maths because I have sat with him in the evening and once I have explained the concept in a way that he understands he is off and running. And I understand that each child cannot be taught to learn they way they learn and that is where we as parents come in.
Also when I am older than said teacher and although not the smartest at the whole Maths thing I can still do what I need to in my head. And I do not require an elaborate system to count back money. Did anyone ever thing of that? Teaching children that they must write everything out has led to a lack of ability to perform simple adding/subtracting in their heads.
I know this because I have been called to many a till to help a younger staff member out when they have punched in the wrong cash amount.
©March 29/21
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