Case of the Missing Coffee Mug

Good morning everyone.
Coffee is the life giving elixir that allows me to function as a normal human being.
Lack of daily coffee can include but is not limited to:
-Inability to remain focused
-Words do not form nor come out of mouth correctly
-General stay the h*** out of my face attitude.
Yesterday morning as I am nagging at T to get a move on for school I go into the bathroom with my coffee.
I need to finish dressing and put my eyes in.
I took my coffee cup into the bathroom with me. 
Drank from the cup.
Put eyes in.
Drank from cup again.
Came out of bathroom still talking to T.
Me (about two minutes later): Where is my coffee cup?
T: What?
Me (looking in bathroom): Where did my coffee cup go?
T: I don’t know.
Me: I had in the bathroom.  It is not there. T where did it go?
T: What? I don’t know what you did with it.
Me (suspiciously): Did you take it and hide it on me?
T (looking at me like I am crazy): I did not take your coffee mom.
Me: Are you sure?
T: Mom who would take your coffee?
Me: There are people at work who would do this to screw with me.
T: shakes his head.
I told two of my co-workers this.
Both burst out laughing.
One asked if I had named names only so he knew that he would be safe from T if ever he decided to hide my coffee on me.
Neither thought it was odd that I was accusing work friends of stealing and hiding my coffee cup.
I still have not found it.
©April 10/21
Picture is my own

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