Still Waiting

Still no washer.
Will be fixed Thursday April 29th.
First call/visit: Tuesday April 6th.
I have had to use because I am not rich enough to go out and buy different clothes to get me through.
Water seeps.
I mop.
Yesterday went to close bathroom door and it won’t shut.
Took a closer look and due to the water spilling from the washing machine the door frame has swollen at the base not allowing it to close.
Wohoo called that one in.
Now I know that I can be annoying.
I know that I really annoyed the lady at the rental agency when I called her Friday after talking to the repair people that it was going to be a further week until my washer (which I pay for the luxury of having in my rent) is now going to be nigh on a month that it has not worked properly.
I was a little tetchy.
I think I was decent about it but her response of ‘well several other washers have gone down this week’ did not fly with my having waited 3 weeks.
And this is only if the proper part has really been ordered.
Remember they totally missed the secondary leak on the back hose.
Back to my calling in my swollen door frame.
As soon as she answered the phone and I wished her a good day and told her my name the tone in her voice changed.
That tells me everything I need to know.
I have not even met this person who has decided that I am going to be a pain in the ass tenet.
I really am not that person.
We go months when door handles fall off the cupboards because I don’t feel that it is important enough to call about.
T gets so annoyed with me.
So they have no idea that I don’t call for every little thing.
My oven is out by almost 50 degrees but I have an oven thermometer so I can use that for now.
Once the washer is fixed I will give it six months.
And then I will call about the oven.🙂
©April 27/21
Picture is my own
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