Riding My High Horse

I am riding my high horse again.
I know I know really right?
When did I become such a nag?
But there are somethings that it is like firing that first salvo over the deck that has my back up.
And though my few words are not going to make a difference it is  alright.
Tucker Carlson.
I could go through the dictionary and find every repulsive word to call this man and I am sure that there are those of you going why am I even writing about him?
All I am doing is giving him another platform to spout his jackass nonsense to. That those who were not aware of his audacity are now and what have I done but got people talking about him and that is what he wants.
I agree wholeheartedly with that.
I am sure he sits with glee like the little troll he is rubbing his hands together is delight as drool trickles down his chin.
It is almost orgasmic to him I believe to put this wild bullshit out there and watch how twisted people get.
His latest and I know that there are thousands I could chose from but this one is the one that crosses the line.
This is the one that makes me angry enough that I feel a need to speak on it.
I am fully aware that this will go no further than myself and my page.
To my few readers who don’t mind when I go off on a tangent.
But I will have said what I have to say.
Carlson is now equating that wearing of masks on children to be the equivalent of child abuse.
Are you for fucking real?
I am an abuse survivor.
Let me just say that though I was young when it took place the effects reverberated through my life until I was able to look it dead on and accept what happened.
To work through it rather than run from it.
But that is my story which I have written extensively about.
This is for all victims of abuse out there.
Carlson I have a check list for you.
Please read with care and check off all those that apply to you.
When done it will ascertain whether or not you have the right to make blank statements about child abuse.
  1. Have you ever lain in your own piss and shit for days on end?
  2. Have you ever been chained to your bed?
  3. Have you ever had to live in a cage?
  4. Have you had to sleep in the dog house in the middle of winter?
  5. Have you had your arm wrenched back so hard that it has broken?
  6. Have you been dragged to your room by your hair?
  7. Have you had cigarettes put out on your body?
  8. Have you been held down while men rape your tiny body over and over again?
  9. Have you ever felt the fear of nearing death as the belt tears into your flesh over and over again?
  10. Have you ever laid in a hospital room barely alive and no one really gives a shit?
  11. Have you ever known a night of fear? Of lack of food? Of lack of warmth?
  12. Have you ever hidden praying to a silent god that he/she not find you as they scream your name?
  13. Have you had men shove fingers into your anus and laugh as you bled?
  14. Have you been bitten?
  15. Have you been punched?
  16. Have you been so broken and bruised there is not a single patch of skin that appears white?
I could go on and on with my questions.
All of these questions and more I ask of him.
Child abuse is appalling.
I realize people will think this harsh of me but jail the offenders for life.
Do not allow them to have any more children.
Our children are to be protected.
Which in this case means having them wear a mask so that the possibility however remote of having to watch them die as they struggle to breath and you can do nothing about it so be it.
I wonder if there were a way to program a VR setting in which the wearer endured abuse as a child would be too much of a punishment for Carlson?
Put him in a chair, plunk that thing on him and play the worst most horrible situation in which he can do nothing but sit and watch.
While he may not feel physical pain maybe the emotional trauma that he goes through would make him see sense.
But I doubt it.
With a man like that nothing is going to change his thoughts or ways.
©April 28/21
Picture is via Pinterest
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