I Don’t Know?

Before reading grab yourself a drink. It is long one today. Well longer than some have been of late. 🙂
I am totally not sure what to write about.
Several things happened yesterday that made things right.
I am passive aggressive.
I totally admit and own it.
And I am good at it too.
Not bragging I mean it is not anything to be proud of but every so often to get a point across I turn it on.
Two of my co-workers who I almost told to fuck off knew I was annoyed with them yesterday.
One went out of his way to avoid me because he knew.
The other one kept trying to talk to me.
Joke with me.
I just looked at him and barely replied.
I was passed being mad yesterday with them.
This is who they are and I have to accept it.
Then my first delivery arrives for pick up at 10 a.m.
I go barrelling out the door and nearly rammed into a truck parked there.
That is right there was a line of trucks going from my door down to passed the door they actually were working in and than there was my customer.
I was so ticked off not that I had to walk but this was an inconvenience for my customer.
Also with regards to the truck if I had hit it c’est la vie.
They had been talked to.
They knew that I use this door.
Your ignorance does not warrant my care.
My customer gets out of his vehicle to talk to me as I loaded his groceries.
Usually his wife picks up but for the 2nd week in row she has been under the weather.
They are not certain what is up.
She feels good and than not so good.
I sent along her favorite triple chocolate cookies and a get well note.
He tried to tip me.
I said no thank you.
He tried again saying that I was doing so much for them.
I smiled and said thank you.
When I went inside I decided that I was going to change my large dolly for a smaller one.
The tall one was a little unwieldy for me through the aisles with all the people.
Yesterday was 10% Tuesday Customer Appreciation Day.
1st Tuesday of every month.
I walked to where the carts were and passed three boxes of oranges on the floor.
My co-worker came up and I asked if I could swap carts.
He said sure.
Me: OMG I am so sorry. Good morning. How are you this morning? Here I am just barging on through.
CW: Actually even though my oranges are on the floor I feel pretty great.
Me (lighting up): Thank you. You totally made me feel better.
He is someone who usually looks at things a little negatively when they do not go well.
Everyone knows my feelings on masks.
However there are also exemptions.
Shopping down aisle 3.
Customer coming towards me is maskless but I recognize her.
The first day it became mandatory to wear masks she came into the store.
I stopped her and reminded her about the mask policy and she said she was exempt.
Her back was up.
I smiled and said no worries have a great day.
A customer behind me passes and stops.
C1: You don’t have to wear a mask?
C2: No I do not.
C1: Why not?
C2: That is none of your business.
C1 (walking away): Because you think you are better than the rest of us.
I was appalled and spent a few minutes talking with her.
She is a dedicated shopper and I suggested to her what another customer had done-getting a button made up to wear saying I am exempt.
99% of people are good to her she told me it is the 1%.
Customer: Had I parked sideways in a parking spot he is the type of person who come over and complain to me. I have thicker skin than that.
Never thought about it that way.
And last but not least I was so excited to receive a specific order yesterday.
I wrote how I was losing one of my customers.
They were moving to the city and I had misunderstood I suppose about which week was their last week.
There had been no order last week and I was sad.
I had wanted to say thank you for being a dedicated curbside shopper.
Yesterday there was an order.
I was able to get coconut macaroons for her and a deep chocolate brownie slice for him.
And a little note to say thank you.
Yesterday I learned some lessons.
In that people are good and kind.
As customer #2 said: Good people are always good people. 
That I can act childishly at times.
But at the end of the day I laid my head down and slept the sleep of a woman who had put in a good hard day.
And dreamed about one of y’all having these wicked watering cans that I so wanted.
I do not know who it was.
I do not know what was so great about your watering can.
But I will find you and your cans and they shall be mine!
©May 5/21
Picture is my own. .
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