Knock on Wood

I don’t want to get excited or anything but hey I am going on week two of being pain free.
I mean there are twinges but nothing at like the 24/7 pain that I lived with from Mid-Dec right on up to two weeks ago.
And it really really has affected my life.
So knock on wood that this no pain is a sign that going forward things are going to head back into the normal range.
Does anyone else knock on their head when they say knock on wood but there is no near wood?
Or is it just a weird thing my family does?
I find it hard to believe but stranger things have happened.
I am moving at my normal warp speed again.
I do not move slowly.
I am incapable of it.
When I have to slow down to walk with a customer I would be better off either holding onto their cart so I maintain their slow slow turtle pace or get down on my knees.
That will slow me down somewhat I am thinking.
Yesterday I made another realization.
The tingling in my right arm when I would bend from the waist to pick something up or putting stock out has disappeared.
I had bent over to pull the fire stick (do not get me started) plug out so the remote would work and when I stood back up I realized no tingling sensation.
Wohoo for that one.
Also yesterday I felt like I was on a yo-yo.
Beginning today we begin to wear black tee shirts.
We are a proud sponsor of the Canadian Olympic Team.
How super cool is that?
So we have displays that need to be put up around the store.
And I had been asked to help in between orders.
I pulled my first two orders and went to help.
Built a few of the displays and said never again.
I don’t care how nice they ask me I do not do decorating.
You know what I do do though?  (he he he he )
I have an eye and can place things.
So in between being paged to the front and running to check orders and helping out in the till I would pop back see what they had done direct a few changes and run off again because I was being paged.
I wonder today I am going to try to keep track of how many times I am paged.
I am thinking that being Jay takes a special amount of patience.
I get paged to customer service.
Talk to the customer and I am going off to check on the product.
As I am walking back I get paged to customer service again.
So I pulled out my phone called the person who had paged me for the second time in under three minutes for the same person and told them I was helping the customer.
Later I went up to check for orders told them I would be back as soon as I printed my order.
This is not click and print.
This is open Explorer.
Click on Favorites and scroll down to my link.
Sign In.
Open up and damn someone else copied and pasted…..
Shrink window.
Open file on desk I need.
Open 2nd file.
Open third file.
Reopen window.
Open order.
Paste info in for cc.
Everything is now there and I can print.
Close out.
Grab order from the printer in Manager’s office.
Back down I go.
I am literally rounding the corner when I am paged by the same individual that I had told I was going to go and print the order off.
Did I mention I have to walk to the back of the store and up a flight and a half stairs.
As I went around the corner of her divider I hissed that it was no easy feat to print order off.
At one point I had just gotten upstairs when I was paged.
Rather irritably I snapped I am not coming down.
No way jose.
The two people in the office laughed as I stood up and headed back downstairs.
Some days it feels like all I hear is my name overhead.
And contrary to popular belief having people scream your name over and over is not as wonderful as they make it look in the movies.
And no one is giving me any adulation when I appear to assist.
No camera lights flashing.
Ah well I suppose that just means I am only a star in my own mind.
Have a great day people!
Smile and laugh so much easier than anger and fretting.
But who am I to give advice?
Just be You!
More advice but the best ever in my opinion.
©May 6/21
Pictures are my own
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