That is right.
300 days today.
It has been an amazing journey that is for sure.
I will do something when I hit 365.
The ex checked and figured out that it would be July 19th.
Which is a Monday.
So dinner or something.
He joked that he would throw me a party and he would drink all my drinks.
Yeah no.
What he did do for me today was buy me flowers as a congratulations.
Which I thought was very nice of him.
He bought me flowers twice in one week lol more than he ever did when we were married.
And because I really wanted to do something special for me and just me I bought myself a cake.
Angel Food Cake.
With Whipped Chocolate Cream.
And writing.
65 days is going to go by in the blink of an eye.
And just like that a year will be done.
Every time I think of it I smile and tear up.
Because only I know how really bad it was and how far I have come.
©May 14/21
Pictures are my own
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