It’s not like I was playing

As of right now I have 11 hours left of work until I start holidays.
10 a..m. tomorrow.
My original plan was to rent Rug Doctor today so that I would have until Friday.
But who wants to Rug Doctor on their holidays?
Unless you like that stuff not too many people.
So I thought well if I get for two days and rent today (Tuesday) I can have until Thursday.
Because I am crazy like that.
It was slow yesterday.
I had a total of 5 orders.
And I have holidays starting soon so my desire to be the top employee dashing around etc. is at an all time low.
Basically non-existent.
I bank  my 15 minute coffees that I don’t take in the afternoon.
My main reason for doing so is that I have an influx and I do not have to work all that extra time when I  work my Sunday.
I went to ask my manager if I could use an hour to leave early.
Not because I was going to go and sit in the sun.
Not because I was going to go and do anything fun at all.
I wanted to use the hour to come home early and start Rug Doctoring.
And I was able to after I received a lecture about banking time.
And how I should be taking my breaks.
LOL yeah right.
Were I to leave and take a break in between customers I would be having breaks an hour into my shift and an hour after.
This is not because I am lazy or slow.
But when you are pulling a $400 order it does not take 20 minutes.
A $400 order can take me upwards of 2.5 hours to collect and run through the till.
$200 orders can take me upwards of an hour to do the same.
A fifteen minute order is about $50.00
I came home and did the stairs to the door (deciding that really they should have put linoleum there as opposed to carpet) and my bedroom.
Before leaving for work yesterday I had already cleared my bedroom out so it was easy enough.
Today is the living room and T’s room.
He is so thrilled to be coming home and cleaning floors.
When I told him I would need help in the living room he said ‘I signed up to do help with my room mom not the living room.’
My response: Oh you are not just helping me you are doing your room.
The look on his face.
After posting this I  am going to begin to move the living room items into the kitchen.
That way once more I will be ahead of the game when I get home.
T will most likely wait for me to get home before he begins his room but at least the clean up will have been done.
I need to vacuum along the baseboards as well.
Once I have finished Rug Doctoring all that will be left for me to finish up on is the bathroom and sweeping and washing the kitchen/bathroom floor.
My goal is to have it all done tonight.
If I have to do bathroom and floors tomorrow when I get home it will take me an hour at the most.
Which means by noon tomorrow at the latest I will be chilling all my major cleaning done and 10 days to read and read and read some more.
©May 19/21
Picture is my own
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