Waiting for His Hug

This morning T is getting ready to leave for school and doing everything he can to stall.
At 8:11 he says that seeing as how he is a minute late leaving he should be allowed to stay home.
He tried to cajole me into driving him to school.
I laughed and told him that his taking his bike to school would build character.
Ha ha ha ha memories of my mom saying the same when I wanted a ride due to snow or rain.
He is sitting on the couch putting his runners on.
I glance over and look again.
Me: Are you putting your runners on my carpets?
T: Mom they are clean.
Me: No they are not. I just cleaned my carpets what are you doing.
T: Mom they are cleaner than a flute during Covid.
I looked at him and asked him where or who he had heard that from.
He informed me that he made it up on the spot.
Yet one more thing that he gets from me.
After all this he is still standing there.
Me: T you have got to get going. What are you doing?
T: Waiting.
Me: Waiting for what?
T: My hug.
I gave him a hug and then held the door open as he carried his bike up the stairs.
Gave me a smile and I told him that I loved him.
He rode away.
Yet Tuesday evening I had put the dishwasher on and T wandered into the kitchen looking for something to eat.
The cycle no longer required the water to be running.
Me: T turn the water off please while you are there.
I watch as he goes to release the hose from the tap.
Me: No turn the water off.
He goes to the front of the machine.
Me: No turn the water off. The faucet. Turn it off.
I laughed so hard and asked him what he was doing.
He just looked at me and walked away.
Please don’t feel too bad for him as I am forever losing my Kindle and have T hunt it down for me.
Or when my water bottle is right in front of me and he laughs and laughs because I can’t see it.
I am often told that T and I have a rather unique relationship.
I have worked hard for this relationship.
And I will always work hard for it.
©May 27/21
Picture via Facebook
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