You Monster!

Yesterday I received a few comments on my invention The ChoreTube.
How it was a good idea.
How someone else would totally sign their mom up for this to use on siblings.
I laughed.
After reading the one about the siblings I went into T’s room.
He was busy on-line gaming with his buddy.
I was laughing already and he looked over at me quickly covering his mic.
Me (chortling): I am giving you total credit for the idea.
T: What idea?
Me: You know the ChoreTube idea.
T (horrified): What have you done?
Me: Well I floated the idea in my blog and it seems to be a good idea.
T (making sure mic is covered): Mom you monster! What are you doing?
Me: You don’t want the credit?
T (horrified): You are a monster…..get out.
I was once more laughing so hard that I had tears.
I guess now I am committed to coming up with a plan that will further horrify T.
I know one day that he is going to get me back.
But until then I am going to have as much fun with this as I can.
©May 29/21
Picture via Pinterest

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