A Wee Tangent

Last night and this morning a few things caught my attention.
All three were posts that had been made on Facebook that showed up in my feed.
I usually scroll through and 😂😂 or 😞😞face but my comments if any are usually pretty mundane.
Yesterday and this morning though I was tired of this constant criticism being in my feed and guess I had to say something.
#1-As an individual yes this sign looks ridiculous. As a person who works retail I saw it differently.
#2-I hate that this is being politicized.
#3-I wish that people would stop pointing their fingers and saying ‘I hate him because he did not give me a,b or c.’
As mom always said to me and I repeat it to T as well: Hate is a powerful word. You may really dislike something but think long and hard before saying you hate a person. There is always so much more we are unaware of. (Last bit was my add on mom)
I am not wanting to sound like I am on a soap box.
I suppose though I am.
I am tired of negativity.
That is all.
Of mockery and shade being thrown.
Mayhap it is my Sunshine Pollyanna outlook but the further I get from the woman I use to be (negative/angry/bitter) the more it hurts to see the world continue to spiral downwards instead of up.
We have a unique chance in history to make real changes to push forward a new chapter to a better place in the annals of the past.
Or we continue to devolve until the world blows up.
©June 3/21
Picture is my own
PS I would like to add that there was an active campaign discouraging nurses who had been chosen from going to the game and enjoying it.
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