Silent Suffering

I’m so tired
open the paper
open the phone
headlines screaming
people are dying
around the world
in my own backyard
change is needed
I know how trite
the words I write
I am so tired…..
child abuse
human trafficking
abuse of authority
psychopaths rule
knowing how to play the game
mouthing words
wanted to be heard
death brought
upon these shores
by our own
who seek to blame
for ills brought upon themselves
I am so tired…..
people devoid of empathy
devoid of care
only for selves
never reaching
never seeing
birth to death
a testament of selfishness
written broad
for all to read
for all to dispute
while away from sight
the degradation continues…..
I am tired
so very tired
without rest.
©Aug. 31/21
Picture is my own

Living Hell Part Deux

I believe some may recall last week I wrote a post regarding a co-worker who gave their two weeks and said the last year was a living hell. Because she had to wear a mask.

Further to this face masks have again been made mandatory for indoor public spaces due to the Delta variant and sudden increase in infection rates. As of Saturday Aug. 28th at 12:01 a.m.

Now I mean we got one whole week without having to wear our masks inside. It was nice but I also have to ability to remain six feet from people. An aisle is too crowded? I go to another one and come back when it is emptier.

Now that is me. Y’all may recall I also discussed those who think being in kissing range is now ok and I have learned how to keep my cart between them and myself.

Friday when the new restrictions came down I messaged K to let her know what was going on. We talked back and forth a bit and I told her to not be surprised if this person did not work her two weeks.

K thought maybe I was overreacting. No one would really do that after working for a company for 7 years would they?

Saturday K messaged me right livid. And I do not blame her. This individual went into work Friday night and informed them she would not work out her two weeks because she would have to be masked. And during these two weeks she had approx 20 hours or so each week that now needs covering.

Entitled. That is what this is pure and simple. And a lack of respect for the people around you.

©Aug. 30/21

Picture is my own

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