Prove it!

What amounts to women terrorizing other women for not looking feminine or for having higher levels of testosterone due to geological and physiological differences that appear in women of color then white women.

I am only differentiating re color given that the women I am talking about recently performed above and beyond in excellence in their sport and now are being taken to task for it.

One rather poor sport is a male Ukrainian runner who is in disbelief that a woman (a woman!) ran faster than he did. So he wants her to prove she is a woman.

Announcing that a woman does not look like a woman because she does not conform to society’s norms.

Stop being fuck heads!

Nothing destroys me more than hearing that women are tearing another woman down. Why? Tell me what is the gain? Do you feel better about yourself?

As for the dude suck it up buttercup women can do anything that men can do and sometimes they do it better.

©August 17/21

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