Just a little off

I have been off lately.
I know this.
I have begun to increase my vitamin D and remembered my blue light.
Hauled it out and have it on the table next to me for the mornings.
I am affected by seasonal change and more so because I spend time out in the sun all summer long.
And the other six months I am covered with warm fuzzy socks and hoodie.
To wear around house.
When I go to bed the fans come on.
The hot flashes are back.
I am not amused.
And they have been horrid the last few days.
This morning before we began the morning huddle, waiting for other staff to show up, I began to feel heated.
Holding my hair up in an attempt to cool self did not work.
So I sidled over to the freezer, opened the door just enough so I could step back and cool down.
Assistant Manager saw me from across the floor.
LOL wonder if he is trying to figure out why the woman who is always cold is now standing in the freezer.
T came home last night.
He was done with being at his dad’s as he was making him work.
I chuckled and said but I made him do chores too.
T: Mom doing the dishes I can do. Cutting wood for 2 hours is just not cool. And dad won’t pay me anyways.
What can I say.
If he does not do his chores here he does not get an allowance.
And I do pay him well.
For the little he does.
Right now it is more about teaching him responsibility and time management.
I only ask that he have his chores done before I get home.
We are still working on that one.
©Oct. 25/21
Picture is my own
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