Yes It was one of those days

Excuse me could you please tell me where mustard is?
Down aisle 2.
Where is aisle 2?
Yes that was a question that I received today.
Stared at the customer.
Blinked a time or two while trying to formulate an answer.
Aisle 2 is still where it has always been.
We have yet to move the aisles at all.
©Oct. 29/21
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He’s a Bleeder

When I was a kid I was always so envious of others who got ill.
Losing your voice.
Having your tonsils removed.
Appendix out.
I realize now as an adult that I was really lucky in that I was a fairly healthy child.
The worst thing I recall was in Jan/Feb 1983 I had Scarlet Fever.
The illness that made Mary Ingells in Little House on the Prairie blind!
I remember being kept at home in a darkened bedroom.
That is all.
Another thing that always intrigued me but I never had were bloody noses.
I never said that my envies were any where near normal.
Having admitted this I should also tell you that my envies have since changed.
Especially regarding blood pouring out of facial orifices.
I am pretty good with my own blood.
Blood of others makes me a little queasy.
Not throw up but ugh it is so gross.
And guess who has eruptions of blood from his face?
T that is who.
The first few times it happened I never thought much of it.
Then it began to happen a little more frequently.
Sent him off to the doctor with the ex and the nose issue was found to be dryness.
He was given nose spray and sent on his way.
So every so often T will come flying out of his room hands cupped as blood comes out of his nose.
Yesterday T rode his bike to school.
I was off at 2:30 and home before him.
When he got home I heard what I thought was his bike tumbling down the bed and suddenly he is in front of me.
His face smeared with blood.
My heart stopped.
It really looks much more worse than it is.
But it is so gross.
So so very gross.
And it sprays everywhere.
Our outside steps looked like a murder happened.
Not really but there were blood spatters leading to our door.
All over the back of the sink.
The floor.
All from a bloody nose.
Once done and cleaned up you would never guess that we recently looked like the special at a haunted house attraction.
I wish I knew what to do to help him but I have my humidifier going for the winter already.
Here’s hoping that he will outgrow these disgusting nose bleeds.
And just to prove that someone people will complain about absolutely anything:
Me: Hi how are you today.
Customer: Grunts.
Me: Were you able to find what you were looking for?
Customer glares at me: No. I did not.
Me: Oh what did you not find? I can run and check for you.
Customer still glaring: No there is too much there. I am just going to go elsewhere.
Me: Was there something particular?
Customer: I cannot find anything with all the changes that you have made!
Me (smiling sweetly): Oh I’m sorry. We’ve really only moved one side of aisle 5 and all of 6. All the rest of the aisles are still the same. It will be a couple of months yet before we are ready to do that change.
Customer: …….
Me: Are you needing to purchase bags today?
There is no win here.
People bitch that our store is too small.
Aisles too narrow.
Now: Bakery and Deli have moved so far away.
            Where is the milk?
            Same place it has always been. In the dairy cooler.
            Where is the coffee?
            Same place it has always been. In aisle 1.
Customers stop looking the second they enter the store.
I have people tell me that they cannot find something in the entire store and where did we have it?
Usually if not right in front of them it is down a few steps.
I am the Queen of Finding Things Hidden Right Under Your Nose.
That title is too long to say though so I just tell customers I am a Queen.
©Oct. 28/21
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