Silver Lining

The car did not start this morning and the decision was made that I would walk to work. I made the decision no one else did. Makes it sound like there were others chiming in on my way to work when there was not.

It was a little chilly. Had I a scarf my cheeks would have been warmer. And I was not going to wear my mask on the walk. The above picture is when I arrived to work and was walking across the parking lot.

All said and done it took me 1/2 hour to walk from my place to work. And I felt so good. Now though I am doing the head bob and about to fall asleep. Just waiting for T to get home.

King of Thieves

Tonight’s dinner was pickerel and salad. I have no paper towel so I grabbed one of the tea towels and set the two fillets down onto towel and cover it so I can remove the moisture.

I am getting things ready when I turned around and realized that the towel was gone. I looked to the left. I looked to the right. And no it was gone. I thought I heard something in my room and flying in there I look under the bed. And there he is with the towel.

I grab a hold of it and pull it out. And there is no fish. I found the fillets on the floor and rinsed them off. Threw them into the frying pan and when Loki jumped on the counter I grabbed him and tossed him onto the bed and closed the door. I was not fighting with him while I ate.

Despite the car not starting. Despite the ex bringing the new girlfriend when he came to pick me up and boost the car. Despite not having a lot of orders today it was still a really good day. Working very hard to rewire my brain so even if crappy things happen I can still find the silver lining.

©Nov. 1/21

Pictures are my own.

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