Sore Loser

Recently we had an election in which Manitoba’s PC party chose a new leader.
Running were Heather Stefanson and Shelly Glover.
Their previous leader having stepped down and out approximately two months ago burnt out and wildly unpopular due to his handling of Covid.
It was awesome or so I thought that we had two women running.
I mean regardless we were going to have a female premier and that cannot be bad right?
One won and the other did not.
I mean really that is the point of an election.
Shake hands and get on with life.
Heather won by 300+ votes.
Which means Shelly lost.
Shelly is not a good loser.
Shelly is taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook in which she is heading to court to overturn and nullify the vote of her party.
The one that decided to elect her opponent.
So rather then this being a success story of two women running to see who would best lead the party and province it is going to turn into a cat fight.
And that is how it will be viewed.
Shelly claims that 1000 or more conservatives eligible to vote did not receive their election cards/
She would have to gain a significant amount of those votes to win.
And here is my thought.
This was not a surprise race.
Everyone knew that it was happening.
So if these 1000 conservatives did not receive their cards and did not at any time call in to indicate this, than Ms. Glover they do not care enough to vote.
By taking this stand Ms. Glover is negating the choices of those who did not vote for her.
Despite party officials meeting with her and trying to convince her of the futility of this endeavor she is going to move ahead.
Instead of putting on her big girl pants and handling the loss with poise and grace Ms. Glover is going to attempt to make a mockery of and overturn the votes of all those who did care enough to ensure that their voices were heard.
All it is going to do is give the party time to solidify their choice in Ms. Stefanson while Ms. Glover is off in the corner like the bully in the sandbox who realizes no one wants to play with them any more.
©Nov. 4/21
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