Time to Release

She danced alone
lost in dreams of yesteryears.
In her mind
she saw
gleaming hardwood
stairs carpeted
not with dust
but golden threads
her feet so delicately placing
wobbling on heels so high
a smile as she bowed
taking heart
taking delight
in all before her.
Walking the hallways
scones now dark
flowers gone
the musty smell of decay
assaults the senses
even that of taste
a textured liver upon the tongue.
she hid behind blood red silk
curtains hiding the glowing lights
as others searched
she lingered
another time recalled.
This room…..
His room…..
Her room…..
furrowed brow
trying hard to capture
the inner truth.
come the caretakers
taking her to task
once more
reminding her she never lived here
she never danced these floors.
Or loved in those beds.
Pulled along
eyes fading glow
the youthful appearance
the quirk of smile
wizen woman
knowing the truth.
Eyes closed she listened
music played for her alone
as drove they did
through fogged night
her spirit rose.
©Dec. 12/12
Picture via Pinterest
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