Tit For Tat

Pursed lips
gossip with bitter words.
glass eyed stare
looking for one small fault.
Why do you hate?
Why do you try so hard to tear others down?
What unhappiness plagues your soul?
Is there a satisfaction
from being up in all the business
lipping names
trotting out past indiscretions
like they happened yesterday?
Shame it is
at a time when women gather
lifting up
empowering one another,
your choice
the one you choose
is vacuous.
Dirty lies
falling from lipsticked teeth
is it a wonder none believe?
Tearing down
your tactic
circumvented by my desire
my absolute need
to see the rage
when plots
which you thought
had been laid well
do not come to fruition.
©Dec. 14/21
Picture via Pinterest
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