Stating The Obvious

With the store being under construction and things moving around it is understandable that there is going to be some confusion for our customers.
I have begun to tease that for Christmas we thought we would make it a treasure hunt for our customers.
And we throw in the exercise for free.
However there comes a time when it becomes a little too much.
I can only smile so many times at the same things.
The other day K and I were talking and I was telling her my latest pet peeve is customers saying to me how much the place has changed.
We have made so many changes.
As though this is news to me.
If I were allowed to say what I thought it would be this:
The store has changed?
Are you sure?
I’m sorry but I think you need to show me what you think has changed.
And not sure if any recall that a few months back I had a customer call me about the possibility of becoming locked in our bathroom.
I had reassured her that no matter what we would be able to hear her and free her.
Yesterday I got a call from the RCMP.
A customer was locked in the bathroom and could I please go rescue her.
Off I went.
I knocked on the door and told the customer to step away from the door.
Not sure if she heard step towards the door but as it flew open it nearly knocked her over and I leapt to catch her.
Then this morning.
I received a call from a customer.
Again she was locked in the bathroom.
At least she stood back from the door as I barrelled in.
©Dec. 19/21
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Mistress of Plagues

I wove a tapestry
bleeding threads from my fingers
deepest reds
sliding into vague violet
as I tremble
tears flooding the lines
bordering in blood
before me
a dead landscape
strewn with skulls
broken bones
yet wait…..
I pause
fingers stayed
symphony shuddering to a halt
as I listen
the sound not heard again.
I return to the loom
to the arras
tragedies only
flow from my fingers
as a soundless aria
plays from my soul.
©Dec. 16/21
Picture via Pinterest
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