It is never ending right now. Everything that could annoy me is annoying me.

I am dropping F bombs and shit this and shit that like having a sailor’s mouth is going to save me. I have growled, literally growled, at co-workers and customers alike although never within hearing of either. I am tired that is what it is. I am peopled out.

I am very much an outgoing fun woman. I can be around others but there comes a time when I am done. I need to be away from all the people. I need to turn my phone off and listen to music. Write. Read.

My evenings are going towards keeping me calm and sane. I listen to music and on the t.v. I have found video on Youtube of Fires and winds and rain and wolves. Unfortunately not all together. Too many sounds I guess.

Today marks a full week that I have not watched any t.v. T mocked me yesterday because if the fire is on the t.v. I am watching t.v. I said it did not count. I win. LOL

Allowed T to stay home for the last three days of school. I have difficulty with them having to go to school for three days and go back to school in the middle of the week.. Silly if you ask me. And hey T got good grades and is still a good kid. And that is what I told the school when I called in and said he would be out.

6 more days until holidays. Off for 12 days. Oh yeah and in 5 sleeps it is Christmas.

Dec. 20/21

Picture is my own.

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