Mish Mash

Exhausted. 😴😴😴😴😴
That is the one word that would sum me up today.
My phone congratulated me about the steps I have taken in the last three days.
Before cautioning me to make sure that I rested in between.
As you can see I do not move all that much on the weekends.
I get lectured on that by my phone as well.
You have not moved in the last two hours. How about you get up and walk a bit?
or It is going to be cloudy out today maybe you should walk inside?
My phone wants to make sure that I remain healthy.
I am so glad that I am off tomorrow.
I will be up early hit the two stores I need to go to, Walmart and Sobeys.
One for groceries and the other for a gift card for the ex’s girlfriend.
Thankfully I can pay bills from home on the laptop.
Or phone.
I am fairly confident that at the moment my brain is mush.
Each thought a little slippery but at least making it from my brain to my fingers.
They extended the school break by two days.
T will now be going back on Jan. 10th  when I go back to work.
We get to spend the whole week that I am on holidays together. 🤗🤗🤗
Friday night we are going to have a game night.
Maybe make it a tradition.
I asked if he would also play Yahtzee with me.
He said yes.
I was so thrilled.
Until I realized it was sarcasm.
He came out and I told him how I use to play Yahtzee with my amma.
I only ever played the game with her.
Usually at the cabin.
But I regress.
My amma passed in 1982.
It really has been a long time.
T: Well then teach me how to play mom.
Me: Really? You want me to?
T: Yes.
Me: Well why didn’t you say that before?
T: Well then I would never have gotten to hear the story about your amma.
Me (getting teary eyed): Do you know yesterday was 40 years that she passed away.
T: Mom it isn’t 2022.
Me (teary eyed throws hands out) 39 years whatever.
Me: She is on my mind. The wife of an ex-boyfriend reached out and sent me a photo album of mine that he had.
The first picture I saw when I opened the album was of her.
Then I sat here and was trying to find a different type of fire and weather to put on as background noise on Youtube.
I was typing in the letters.
T: Mom you know you can just press the button and talk right?
Me: What?
T: Push the blue button and say what you want.
Me: Crackling Fire under Starry Night.
Alexa: Crackling Fire under starry night on Youtube.
T: You did not know this?
Me: I thought I could only use on Prime. 🤦🤦🤦🤦
For some reason it looked like I had spelled this word wrong when I typed it into Youtube Search.
So I retyped it as Stary.
Youtube found nothing with that spelling.
T and I were dying laughing.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
©Dec. 22/21

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