Heartbeat Lull-a-bye

I stand before you
nipples erect
skin pimpled
from the cool air?
my excitement?
my fear?
eyes blind
bound in darkness with silk
you walk around me
wrapping me with this ribbon
sensations shiver.
Your breath
back of my neck
hands pulled behind
satin bound round
feeling as it wends down my thigh
tongue following
as I squirm
soft moans fill the room.
I cannot help myself
I want you so.
Round my other leg
lead to the bed
pressed back
pillow laid beneath my head.
Arms untied
one fettered to the left
the other the right
legs spread
bound tight.
I can feel your breath
your gaze
hot upon my flesh.
Fall upon me
devour me
eat me
make me yours
body arches
head back
mouth open in silent scream.
Lay quivering
your gentle touch
turns a little rough
the puddle grows
the voice returns
cum one
cum two
cum three
cum with me
you roar
sing song
collapse upon
murmur into my hair.
Untie me
remove the blindfold
pull me close
head to heart
your calm words a soothing balm
your being
the oasis for mine.
Breathing settles
blankets cover
falling asleep
each heartbeat.
©Jan. 8/22
Picture via Pinterest
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