Blugging Day

Today was a blug day.

What is a blug day you ask? A day that is a combination of blah and ugh.

Then to top it all off was this customer who I am still trying to understand.

I was on the phone with my customer and we were going over payment information when suddenly there is a man standing in front of me with a dozen yellow roses. Staring at me. I looked at him with a phone to my ear.

Yes? I asked

I want to pay for these. There is no one at floral or Customer Service.

Now bear in mind I have a phone tucked under my chin and I am obviously doing something not standing around with my thumb up my ass. My eyes began to flutter and blink very rapidly. I am trying my damndest to not snarl at him and call him an asshole.

Please go to Customer Service and when I am done with my customer I will come and help you.

I proceeded to finish up with my customer on the phone. And given that I have a thousand things going on I totally forgot about the guy with the roses.

Oh well. I am sure that someone helped him.

Jan. 19/22

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