Compliment Day March 1/22

Have you heard this?

Compliment Day: In the global initiative to create the most positive day in the world, World Compliment Day is celebrated every March 1 to spread joy through simple verbal affirmations of appreciation.

My compliment day was yesterday.

Compliment #1: I had a customer come through and we were chatting and laughing. I finished my transaction and sent her off. Just as I began the next order my previous customer is right there.

Customer: This week has been a really bad week but you have made it better for me. Thank you for your service and good nature.

She made me teary eyed and I thanked her. She did stop and tell one of my co-workers so I told K to check with him as to what she said.

Compliment #2-I was in check out #2 which is express. I like it as I can also do lotto which helps to eliminate the need for others to run. I should explain our new customer service set up.

We are set up further into the store. Check outs 1 & 2 both are express are on either side of customer service. Phones. And tills. And people everywhere. Not really except that you can watch all the cashiers from there. Personally I like my view from #9 a giant spider watching her domain. LOL LOL LOL LOL

I was doing my thang while my supervisor on duty was doing lotto things. After all my customers left she came over to me.

Supervisor: Your customer service is amazing. You are like way way up here. (Holds hand way above here head) You are always happy and cheerful. Or at least you sound that way all the time.

Me: Thank you.

What can I say? I know my Customer Service skills are outstanding. I am not bragging (okay maybe a little bit) but CS is what I am damn good at. I can make you feel like the only person in the world for the brief time of our transaction. And when I say thank you and have a great day, I will look you directly in the eyes and smile.

Now though act like a dick and my CS skills drop to bare minimum.

Be nice and get the Queen.

Be an ass and get the Bitch.

Absolutely your choice.

Feb. 27/22

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