Warm Fuzzies

Today was a bit of a day. K was not in so I suffered the fools silently. Did a lot of running. Not actually running but my phone thought that I had. I was fast walking lol. I am not going to go on about my day and its annoyances because it is what it is. I am not going to allow it to bring me down.

When I got home the dishes from last night were still in the sink. I was not impressed and told T that he had to clean the dishes. That I had had a bit of a day and arg! I went to change because I was having a hot flash and when I came out I started putting the dirty cutlery in the dishwasher. T standing there talking to me.

I roll the dishwasher over to the sink. Hooked up the hose and turned the water on so it would get hot. Opened up the door to the dishwasher. Opened the door to the cupboard and stared at it stupidly. Grabbed the Gain bottle I am planning on using for something but that was not it. There was no dishwashing detergent.

Where is the dish detergent?

Oh I’m sorry mom I used it all up.

You let me roll the dishwasher over and get all set up. Why did you not tell me?

I forgot.

I am going to have to go back to work now.

T wanted to know why I could just not use the Sunlight. I got testy because at this point everything that could irritate me was. For no reason other then I was home and had wanted to do nothing more than to sit down and rest for a bit before beginning dinner.

I slammed the door as I left. I was annoyed. I got back to work and damned if the first cart I grabbed didn’t have a wobbly wheel. I was so unimpressed. Went and found myself a much better cart and began shopping. I must say I am really impressed with myself, I did not overspend or buy. I was wandering the produce when I received the following.

T helped unpack the groceries. I had to again rearrange the freezer a bit but I got everything to fit. T made pizza for supper and I am enjoying it as I type this.

Feb. 3/22

Picture via Pexel

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