His Own Kind is Everyone but Not According to Her

Easiest way to turn me from pleasant bend over backwards help you to the moon and back to bare minimum and walking away from you while you are still talking:

He should be standing up for his own kind.

This is in reference to Trudeau and the Freedom Convey.

So we are clear ‘His own kind’ are white according to her, not Indigenous and not Black.

100’s of years of abuse, theft of property, stealing and murdering children is now not as important as the whining and crying of those people. Her kind I guess we would say.

Everyone is screaming about the fact that a National State of Emergency has been declared. Well guess what people? You cannot act like a toddler screaming and throwing hissy fits in the middle of the street and not expect Daddy to come along and slap some fingers.

Feb. 16/22

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