Looooo000000k at my Babies!!!!!

I have not always had a green thumb. And in the last year I have lost more than one plant. But still I persevered. I was told that after transplanting Christmas Cactus do not flower. Yet behold below. My Peace Lily cannot make up her mind as to whether she would like to purr with delight at my compliments or continue to remain aloof. And my Ivy. She is gorgeous. Beautiful. And my small rubber tree? Am not sure. But he seems content. He did lose two big leaves today but still seems fine.

Ivy stretched out.
Ivy is birthing another branch.
Shirl, NN ***No Name refuses to tell me his name so NN it is and Lottie.

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..Shirl is budding!
Ramses. He is very Kingly. Stately.
And my Prima Donna Lillie. She is glorious but as I said she is not sure she likes me yet.

Feb. 20/22

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