Aren’t They Splendid?

My babies are one display again. This morning there was some watering and some repotting.

Shirl is the top photo too. Her buds are slowly growing.
An even closer view of Shirl’s new bud.
Lottie is getting bigger, bushier also.
NN has been repotted in a smaller pot. Most likely a good idea as the soil at the bottom of the pot was really wet. So I dried it a little and reset NN.
Lillie has also been repotted. I do believe that this taller pot will give a bit more support. I need to pick up some more soil which I will do tomorrow. Her leaves are a rich green and I spritz all of them in the mornings.
Ivy is growing. I really do need to find a hanging pot to transplant her into and figure out how to hang her in front of the window without Loki getting to her.
Ramses and one of my affirmations.

March 6/22

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