I Cried A Little

Yesterday I received a text from T that alarmed me a little bit.

I should have known that he knew that it was a scam but when he did not respond to several of my texts I messaged his dad’s girlfriend and asked her to have T call me.

Now he had answered his texts telling me that he had not been ignoring me he was playing his game and he already knew that it was a scam.

Shortly there after, I was paged to the phone. I answered it and did my standard greeting.

Me: Thank you for holding this is Jay-lyn how can I help you?

T: This is your son.

Me: Who?

T: Your son. You told L to tell me to call you.

Me: Well you answered in the text already. When did your voice change on the phone? I did not know that it had changed. I am getting teary eyed.

T: Mom it is my voice. I am growing up.

Me: I know but it is another new step for me to grow use to.

When we hung up I cried a wee bit.

He is growing too fast for me.

March 12/22

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