#4 on the Never Ending List

Razor thin
drive the wire
beneath skin
pocked with marks
made by needles
bent not to beautify
not to color
to destroy
to cause pain
to bore through
releasing the pent up evil
creating the monster you became.
Face cowl’d
seeing eyes
searing red
burning deep within
nightmare being
taking up whole vision
while you writhe
mouth agape
to no avail.
Tongue removed
guttural groans
symphony upon my ears
spinning with delight
as death nears.
ready to be found…..
Call made
so truth can be seen
truth can be found
truth will be known…..
Harm the child
behind you should look
for upon the wind rides
Reaper of Souls
Harridan of Nightmares
come I will
find I shall
death will not be easy.
©March 17/22
Picture via Pinterest
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