Pastel Memories

Murky blue
storm passed
skies brightening
even as thunder rumbles
far off in the distance.
Waves crash
bringing forth
treasures from the deep
littering sand
scrubbed clean by storms passed.
She walks
eyes to the horizon
following the zig zag of lightening
delicate dance
between waves and gifts
left for her
mind mired in the past.
©March 19/22

That’s Me!

Wednesday was a dreaded day.
I spend one day a week in the till.
Serving customers because there is a fear that I will forget how to interact with them.
Well it is not that I forgot how to interact it is that I forgot how to be warm and sincere even when someone is pissing me off.
Like the customer who told me not to put her salad kit, standing up between milk and hotdogs because they were heavy things that were going to squish the salad.
***This is the same woman who made the comment about ‘his kind’.
Me: Would you like to bag your own groceries?
C: Well I can but you are doing a good job.
Me You do not seem to think so you are telling me how to bag your groceries.
C: I just don’t think you should put the salad with the milk and hot dogs. They are heavy and will squish it.
Me: Ok.
So the salad that I could have stood up and would not have squished ended up having to lay down so I could make everything fit.
Did I possibly not have to put the apples on top?
Probably but hey you think I cannot bag I guess now I won’t bag the way I usually do.
With care.
Then there was this interaction:
Me: Hi did you find everything you were looking for today?
C: Well yes and no.
Me: Oh what could you not find?
C: I don’t know what the name of it is.
Me: Okay can you describe it to me? I might know what you are looking for.
C (looks at me strangely): They are circles. Crunchy. BBQ flavored.
Me: Like little hoops?
C: Yes.
Me: Am pretty sure I know what you are looking for I will be right back.
Off I fly to aisle 9-chips/pop
Halfway down the aisle there they are.
Left hand side.
Third shelf from top.
Fritos Hoops.
BBQ flavored.
Grab a bag and fly back to customer.
***For those of you imagining me on my broom flying back and forth from till to aisle and back again, I wish.
Me: These are what you are looking for?
C: Yes exactly. Thank you. What aisle are they in?
Me: Aisle 9.
I finished up my transaction with her and we both went about our days as usual.
I love when I can help someone.
What might be a little odd is that you can describe an item to me and there is a good possibility I will know not only what you are talking about but find it for you too.
©March 19/22
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