I’s got Babies!

Oxalis is the name of the plant. Flowering shamrock. I bought one a couple of weeks ago because they were inexpensive and I got 25 extra Air Miles. Brought it home and transplanted it.

Well the damn thing is as delicate as can be and the root looked like a little carrot. I killed almost all of it but for two no sorry, three little leaves. Saturday I put into the window and forgot about it when I took all the others out. Remembered on Monday morning.

I looked and Loki had eaten the three little leaves that had been there. I was not seriously distressed as again I was not seriously invested. And it had not cost me a lot. I was carrying the pot over to dump out the soil when I looked down at the pot and saw something poking up. I took a closer look and babies.

I moistened the soil a little and put on the shelf. Today I decided that I was going to put the plants in the window to catch the late afternoon sun. And when I went to put them out I was delighted to realize the babies had grown.

April 7/22

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