Oh how they grow

I purchased a new spider plant. She called to me. I was not going to transplant her however in two days I had to water her twice. I took her out of the pot and oh my her roots were so grown together I could not ever loosen the soil around them. I am hoping that having transplanted her she will now relax and grow a little

As I was going to take pictures of Spidey lol I guess we know her name now I decided that all of the babies deserved to have their pictures taken and shared. The top one is of the cat grass.

Ramses has had to be moved to the top shelf because someone has decided to dig in him. Today he got sunshine for a couple of hours.
Spidey after transplant and morning in the window.
NN has one more leaf. The one with a bit of it gone is new. Very impressed there.
My Flowering Shamrock. Given the delicacy and not too sure what to do am not getting seriously invested in him yet. He may know that.
Lillie is being such a little queen. She grows and droops. Flowers and dies. Yet she is green green green so will let her be and see what happens.
Shril is looking awesome. Growing and drooping which she is suppose to do.
Lottie is getting bushier and often has small new leaves growing.
This healthy bit broke from Ivy due to the way it was growing. Am going to see if I can get it to start to grow roots and then plant it.
Last but not least is my beautiful girl Ivy. She is growing everywhere. And despite being sent to the floor and being repotted she is thriving more than ever. Only issue is the way I potted her. I am going to have to get a hanging pot soon for her.

April 9/22

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