He Came At Me!

On Tuesday I went for a drive to Ste. Anne. Going there is easy enough but coming back for me is a bit different.

The highway intersection is 6 lanes and deadly at any given time. So I go back and use the cloverleaf type round about to get back on the highway.

As I am driving I notice this shape on the side of the road. On the driver’s side. I get closer and realize it is a Canadian Goose.

I slowed down and moved over a little bit worried he might try to jump in front of me. But no. He charged me! I goosed the gas (no pun intended) and the car shot by.

As I was merging onto the highway I noticed a pick up truck coming up behind me. I could see it and as much as I wanted to make sure the goose was ok I was on the highway already.

Despite the fact they have tried to poop on me and now attack my car I still would not want to see one get hit. They have feelings too.

April 15/22

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