Hi Ho It’s Back I Go

Well alas I did not win the $70 million dollar lotto which meant that I had to return to work today. Needless to say winning the lottery is something that would have been a nice bonus.

It was the same type of day as before my holidays but I am much more at peace, much more able to keep a handle on my emotions. In other words I did not let anyone get under my skin. Actually I had a lot of fun showing customers to the items that they were looking for.

I had one customer who laughed and asked me if I knew where everything in the store was. This was after she had asked me where to find something. And I told her that as a kid I loved playing memory games, so the whole store was really just a big memory game for me to play.

All in all it was a good day other than my aching shoulder. It is the same pain that I had last year at the beginning of the year. I have used the Pain Blocker roll on as well as the massager so here is hoping that it is not going to be as bad as last year which took months to get better.

Time for supper which I know is late and I am beginning to give more thought lol to a friend’s suggestion that I might be reincarnated royal. She asked me about it because she felt there was a lot of regality in several of the poems that I have been writing. Steak, rice and veggies leftover from last night.

May 31/22

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