Do Not Slow Down

All was going well. I was in a terrific mood despite not having many orders. For the morning anyways.

Then as the day neared afternoon more and more people were coming in. And omg it was like when they saw me coming they all decided to spread out so I could not pass. There were people all over the place.

I was trying to get down aisle one. I scootched by one set of customers only to be stymied by two other customers. As I clear one the other almost nails me with her cart. Get out of my way!!!!

And then there were the ones who spread out across the aisle and glared at me as I tried to pass. I smiled at them although I am fairly confident it was more of a grimace.

I was very happy to leave at 4:45. Usually it is 5 but today I snuck out. 😁😁

June 30/22

Wait? What? A High Schooler?

Yesterday was T’s grade 8 Farewell. He is at his dad’s this week but given that his dad works nights mom was on pick up duty. He messaged me telling me that I should leave at 9:30 to pick him up. And I did.

I waved at him to show him where I was and as he got into the car he wanted to know why I was trying to get him to walk in front of the truck that had been beside me. I had not been but was in fact attempting to let him know where I was because well boy, eyes and in front of his face, he could still miss the car.

With that he launched into the fact that we needed to go to the hospital and have his foot looked at. I was not amused. Did I or did I not offer to take him multiple times last week? I most certainly did. And did he or did he  not tell me that there was no need? He most certainly did. However he has begun to doubt my witchy mom diagnostic abilites.

I have informed him that if the x-ray comes back and proves that I am right that it was a badly bruised bone he will be bowing to my superior diagnostic skills. If I am wrong…..I will cross that bridge when I come to it. 🙂

We had to stop at home and pick up his copy of health card as mine has disintegrated and his charger. His phone was only at 5%. Who even allows their phone to get that low? My child that is who. No wonder I can never reach him when I need to. 

We arrive at the hospital and need masks. Well turns out you require a new mask from the mask box not your own when you enter the hospital. So we did. Then we sat. And sat. And sat. Then we were registered. Then we sat some more. And some more. And some more. I felt so bad for the triage nurse who was doing an amazing job but everyone kept asking her how much longer etc. 

Finally T gets called up and we go to the desk. He sits there has his oxygen taken, blood pressure and then she looks at his foot. And makes a noise which has T shooting me a triumphant look. And then she says x-ray hey? Which gets me a double triumphant look. I look at T and roll my eyes.

Off we go to sit and wait some more. Found a spot for T to plug his phone into and I sat with my head cocked so I could hear if they called his name. I had closed my eyes as I was nearing 22 hours of being awake when I heard them call his name. I shot up and began walking towards the voice and door. The nurse called again and another waiting patient indicated to her that we were coming.

After sitting there for four hours it was rather anti-climatic once we were in the room. The doctor came in. Looked at his foot. Poked and prodded it the same way that I had last week. Pulled on his toes as I did last week. And an x-ray was ordered. However our x-ray lab is only open 8-4:30 so we had to come back.

Thankful to this doctor who was on her last shift before mat leave and had agreed to stay after her evening shift ended to help the night ER doc get through the patients. She had pulled us because otherwise we would have sat there until 8 a.m. when the department opened. Instead I got the req and we were able to come home to sleep.

5 a.m. there was squalling under my bed. Banging. Hissing. Thomas and Loki were having a go at it. I ended up getting up shoving Thomas blindly into T’s room with orders that he not come up. And squinted at Loki telling him enough was enough to leave Thomas alone. Crawled back into bed. And yet was still awake by 7 a.m.

11 I finally went in and jostled T awake. I wanted to get to the hospital and have the x-ray done before the afternoon, it was suppose to clear around 2. Warm enough to sit outside. Read suppose to, it did not. However that is not relevant to tale. He is laying there and will get up soon mom and I am sitting on the couch chuckling to myself a bit.

The ex thanked me last night for taking T and sitting with him at the ER. As well as for taking him for the x-ray today. Which is all fine and dandy but technically it is his week. Again he did acknowledge it but the fact remains that both he and T thought I had nothing else to do. Which is wrong. I had had plans for today. That now were cancelled. 

I went in and asked T that he knew today was my day off? He said yes he did. I said told him that I loved him dearly but his dad got to have a life all the time I only got a life 2 weeks out of the month. And I actually had had plans today. He looked at me with this absolutely unimpressed look on his face.

T: Mom I am your life.

Me: Well I am turning 50 and decided that it was time to take back my life. So now I have one outside of you.

He looked at me. I looked at him. He was not amused. I laughed and left his room.

To make up for scarring him with the truth that life exists beyond him T and me went for Wendy’s. I devoured my burger and he devoured his Asiago Ranch Spicy chicken burger. And we had frosties.

Received an email that report cards were now available so headed over to the student portal. I scared T by saying that it flashed he had to go to summer school and he was what?????? Of course not but he missed almost a month of school in the last semester. 

Once more I am proud of T and all that he has accomplished. He is a good student and he is smart. I laughed at his teacher’s comment regarding the usage of more commas in his writing. I have never ever seen that request before but will work on him about it I guess????? 

He was picked up and is gone now until Monday. It is St. Lab 200. Go Cart building and racing. Parties. Bands. T, J and M are going to be hanging out while the ex and L have a blast with the building and the racing. And the visiting. 

I am happy that the ex has found a partner who loves the same things that he does. That he has someone to share these experiences with. Not something I ever enjoyed and I always made sure to work these weekends. 

I work tomorrow, off Friday and work Saturday, off Sunday. Fingers crossed that we are going to get sun both Friday and Sunday so that I can sit outside. I need to get my sun time in. 

June 29/22



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