It Comes Closer

I am on day two of a 9 day stretch. Reason being that I need next Thursday June 9th off. Why might I need the day off you ask? What possibly could be so important that I was doing a 9 day stretch.


My mom retired to Mexico in 1999. The last time I saw her? Late summer of 2019. It has been a long time. We message in the morning but despite both of us having skype we did not do much of that.

When we were growing up and even into my ’20’s mom and me would talk to one another just to say good morning and I love you. Mom was in an accident in 1984/5 I think which made her realize how short things can be. From then on she made sure that she always told us, her parents (who were not too sure how to take it given that was not how things were done lol) at the end of the conversation or in the morning before leaving for work I love you would be heard.

I have carried on the tradition with T. I tell him all the time I love him. And he will not end a phone conversation with me without telling me the he loves me. Does not even care if anyone hears him. I have a pretty confident son I have to say that.

I was going to let T take the day off school so he could come with me. Honestly it is because I have to drive into the city and go to the airport. I will have to park my car and go in to get mom. Needless to say I am nervous.

Now I am even more so given Track and Field which was suppose to be tomorrow has been rescheduled to the rain date. Which is…..Thursday June 9th. T will be participating doing the shot put. I am very proud of him. I also told him that he would now be going to school.

Track and Field and he is participating, he gets to go to school. I will make the trip into the city alone to pick mom up. Coming home will be so easy. It’s the getting there lol

June 1/22

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