It Could Have Stayed Gone!

I was trying to be stoic. I thought that maybe it was just a twinge. But then the pain increased and the funky pain in my back started and that was it for me. Sunday night I had T roll the Pain Bloc over my back where I cannot reach. I was able to do my arm and elbow.

Monday it was alright I was able to roll the Pain Bloc on but I could still feel the twinging pain. For those who are new, last year I had intense pain that took months to pass. I used massage. I used over the counter and prescribed ointment to help with the pain. Then one day it was gone.

I have had this pain off and on since November 2017. I remember waking up in the middle of the night in such pain I was crying. I was trying to stretch my arm but at the same time it felt a little heavy like I could not move it. May 2018 I started to cashier more and the pain returned but I put it down to the fact that I was cashiering more.

November 2019 it came back. I was popping Motrin constantly. In February of 2020 I began massages and that went through to March. It helped somewhat but not enough that I could say the pain was totally gone. And then it was. Mind at home I had a massager as well and used it almost none stop. Working on the spot where the worst of it was.

Tuesday I put more Pain Bloc on and got myself ready for work. Yes the holidays were over and I had not won the lottery. I babied my arm and pulled the cart with my left. I eventually had to go and grab some Motrin because I had not brought any to work with me.

It kicked in fast. I was able to get back to work and the back pain was gone. Came home and put more Pain Bloc on. Hauled out the massager that I have here at home and began to use it. As you can see in the picture it also has heat. I left it on for quite awhile.

At 3.38 Wednesday morning I woke up. My back was on fire. My arm was on fire. I know most people would be crying at the heat but I relished it. Imagine your hot burn, pink and you can feel the heat rising from your skin and multiply that by 20. That was how my back felt but the pain was gone. LOL eventually it did get a little too much even for me to remain laying on my back so I rolled over onto my stomach and stretched my right arm out.

I got up and made coffee, getting ready for work. I iced my shoulder. Then I used the massager. I had left the Motrin at work so as soon as I got there I took 3. Which lasted the entire day for me. Brought them home with me last night.

This morning I used the heating pad first. Then iced my back. Then used the massager. Took 3 Motrin before work. So this was 7:30ish. I did not have to take any more until 3 p.m. when I was on lunch. I think I strained it more because I had large orders and was pushing the carts. Plus loading into the vehicles. Two orders were almost all pop.

I have not worked out in two days. This bothers me because I really want to. I have gotten into a grove with it. However I need to allow my back to heal before I use the muscles back there. So instead I will make myself cheese bread and chicken for supper. I have had my evening coffee already.

Day 4 out of 9. 5 more days and mom will be here!!!

June 3/22

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