The Babies Bloom

My lavender that I bought as a mother’s day present. Do you see what I see? Beautiful and purple. Need a larger pot as she will be coming in during the winter.
I have a trellis to replace the hoop. It is not warm enough for me to be outside working on the plants today.
Hermon Jimi Howard is not a happy prince. He is struggling and I am struggling with him. I am hoping that being outside is going to help. I am not ready to desert him yet.
My Flowers. I am out in the morning and the afternoon when I get home from work spritzing and talking to them.
I am in love. My Sweet Potato Ivy which does not produce sweet potatoes has me in awe. I have been out there morning and evening talking away. Twirling the leaves around. I so desperately want to keep it alive over the winter.

My babies are thriving outside. My inside ones are being weird. So I have taken to ignoring them. They are upset that I have outside plants too this year so have begun to sulk. They all got a water and a talking to yesterday but they are being brats I tell you.

Happy Sunday

June 26/22

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