A New Name

I always have different names at work.

Hey you.





Just the lady that I am looking for.

I suppose that I should not complain that I am the person the customers look for when they are unable to find something. Or if they cannot remember what aisle something is in.

I have gotten so bad about it that I will overhear people talking and tell them what aisle they are looking for. I have done it when customers are asking other cashiers or employees without thought. I just know where most everything is. And if I cannot find it I will find someone who will.

Today a customer asked me for bruschetta mix and I was racking my brain trying to think where we might have the mix. I know there is nothing in grocery or at the very least almost 100% positive. We are standing next to the hummus and spinach dips and pasta and just as I am about to admit defeat I discovered I was standing right in front of it.

The best one though was on Friday. Made me smile and I do believe that I am going to get it put on my name tag.

Oh Wise One.

I love it.

July 31/22

Words & Power

she whispered
voice choked with pain
remember always my child
words have power
you must be careful
do not use for gain.
Beware the urge to scream into the storm
sending into that tempest
your victim’s name;
for out it will ride
blowing on the slightest breeze
until it finds that person
bringing them to their knees.
Take care with the whispered passion
shadows will take
make it so
they will become a chain around your ankles
doting even as you lay dying.
Stay your hand
when it waves in the air
for even fingers talk
giving voice to the feelings inside
releasing them with nature’s force
to take revenge on all those…..
here she stopped,
I held her hand,
tightly in my own,
as gasping out her last breath,
clouded grey eyes
seeking mine with urgency…..
Remember child
words have power…..
used correctly the world will be at your feet…..
used incorrectly and you will hang at the end of a noose.
©July 30/21
Picture via Pinterest
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