A Lack of Communication

T and me are going to have a conversation about communication.
And how it is very important to include all the information at one time.
Otherwise mom might lose her shit which can trigger a hot flash.
And did.
After receiving that text I called T’s phone.
He did not answer.
I called the house phone.
No one answered.
I called L, the fiancee’s phone and no answer.
He answered the phone after the 5 exclamation points.
I began ranting at him about how I had called and the recording said they were open.
He told me the door was locked with a sign that said closed July 1 & 4th.
I am sputtering that I cannot take him when he cuts me off and says that it was ok because if he spent the night there dad would take him today to get the boot.
Which causes me to nearly scream.
I read back the message he sent me and asked where it said his father would take him.
I was so mad when I got off the phone.
He did make sure to tell me he loved me before I hung up.
But yes there is going to be a conversation.
©July 5/22
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