Well yesterday was an adventure.

We were going through a busy streak when the phone begins to chirp indicating an internal call. So despite the fact I felt like my head was exploding as I tried to answer the phone, help one customer and help my co-worker I did it.

Our assistant manager was on the other end asking me if I had seen our courtesy clerk. And I had not. I saw him once when he arrived for work and had not seen him since. This is also the curtesy clerk who does basically nothing and gets away with it. The next request was did I have an extra cashier available as someone had had an accident.

I said no but said that if I found our cc I would send him back.

Once K was back from her break I  went to the back and said to our AM that I would take over and finish  cleaning up the mess. He asked me if I was sure. I said of course I am, there was no one else available. Well dumbass me should have checked out the mess before I said I would clean it.

I walked around the corner with the mop and pail and was confronted with the mess. Someone had pooped on the floor. I kid you not. And there were chunks that I was not able to mop up. So I had to don the rubber gloves and pick it up. I am not even kidding here.

I was heading to the back after I had cleaned up the section of aisle 5 and 6 when a woman in a scooter goes passed me and says:

That’s what happens when you are 80, sometimes you just can’t hold it.

Her husband comes out of the bathroom carrying his other clothing in a plastic bag and as he walks by me says:

You might want to wash the floor in there too.

And they left.

I went into the bathroom to clean up the mess. And there was not a single drop on the floor or anything. What was left in there was the smell. It slammed into my face and nose like a brick wall. I gagged. Stood with my head hanging out of the bathroom until my nose cleared and I could take a deep breath, holding it while I mopped the bathroom out.

Today we received further information on what happened. This gentleman had actually been standing and talking with one of our staff members. She said that he began to poop, put his hands down, pulled his shorts and underwear away and allowed it to fall on the floor. He continued to talk to her during this.

The he walked to the bathrooms and both were in use. Which lead to further accidents occurring. And then his wife came and drove through it.

Because I was the last person to speak with them and I was the one who was cleaning it up, the question became did they apologize at all? And my answer was no not at all.

Needless to say, the next time someone is required to clean up an ‘accident’ it sure as hell will not be me.

July 7/22

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