More Than A Little

I am more than a little addicted to books.

I add books to my Kindle daily.

I have even taken to getting samples of books that I think that I might like to read but do not want to spend money on without being sure.

As of right now I have some 1500+ books and samples on my Kindle. I am beginning to think that I need to not be allowed to download any more books until I make a dent in these ones. Of course that would mean not looking at the book offers I receive daily.

The Fussy Librarian and Freebooksy are amazing sites.

I am off tomorrow. Will make the effort to finish my book on Catherine the Great; it is the first in a series. The second book I have read on her and both have been exceptionally written. I need to see about getting the others.

July 26/22

Memes all found on Coffee and A Good Book page on Facebook

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