Everyone’s Happy

Repotting took place today. I moved all plants to smaller pots with new soil. Roots were all washed too.
JHJ turned out to not be as big as one thought. Once I worked through the roots it turned out he would fit in a 6″ pot. Also I had to mercilessly cut him back. Fingers crossed that he will come back.
NN has been moved into an even smaller pot. Roots are awesome so not sure why he does not want to grow for me. Maybe the smaller pot will encourage growth.
Shirl too is in a smaller pot. She seems content we will see.
I was quite excited when I took out Lottie to be moved. Over the spring a leaf? had broken off and I pushed it down into the soil. I had no hope that it would actually bear roots. It totally did. So there is Lottie and Lottie Jr. lol

When I was cleaning JHJ’s roots I had a small issue with the sink not draining. And it was bubbling up on the other side. I grabbed the plunger and set to work thinking that I had clogged it.

Well two slurpee straws came up and we have not had slurpees here forever. Also it was full of clay? I plunged and waited. Plunged and waited. For some reason I thought that I should look under the sink. So glad that I did for as I opened the doors out poured a little lake. OMG only me.

I cleaned it up. I cleaned up the counters. I swept up the dirt etc from the floor. Had a tiny beetle that I scooped up. I grabbed a paper towel put it on there and set it free in the outdoors.

It has been a really good day. I mean I am a lot disgusted with myself for all the expired food that I found in my cupboards. And I don’t mean expired like a week or a month ago even I am talking 8 months to a year and more. Plus I saved items that were broken or useless. 5 garbage bags later and the cupboards are clean.

However I did happen to notice when I was cleaning out the cupboard with things like toaster, popcorn maker, salad bowl, slow cooker that the corner looks just like the other corner wall. As in it is cracking. Will keep an eye out that is for sure.

Enjoying a cup of coffee having just finished reading all the emails from blogs that I follow. Spongebob is on the t.v. and Loki is trying to get my butterflies on the curtains. And it turns out they like to drink out of the big round plastic container as opposed to the fountain that I have for them. I caught Lucky drinking the water from the rooting container.

Now to look at my Freebooksy email and see if there are any new books for me. LOL and then go read the rest of my Catherine book. I crawled into bed to read and fell asleep rather quickly. As is the case these days. 🙂

July 27/22

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